“Fun with FUsioN”

What is Fusion you ask? Fusion is the marriage of photography and video.

Over the last two years, Lindsey and I have been working to incorporate this new medium into our work. With our knowledge of photography and using the equipment that we already have, we're on the road to becoming "film makers". Though, it may appear relatively easy, there is most certainly a learning curve. Let's just say, with every project we learn something new. We have spent countless hours figuring out the possible pitfalls of capturing great video. We'll share those with you, so you don't have to make the mistakes we've made. :)

Stills + Video at the same time? How do we do it? We have systematically created a process where we can capture both great still shots and beautiful video footage. Managing both is not an easy task - but, trust me, it CAN be done!

You don't know how to edit video? No worries!! We use the programs, Imovie and Animoto, to create our videos. We'll walk you through our workflow, show you lots of shortcuts, and the keys to making a masterpiece.

We will also discuss how videos can be used as great marketing tools for your studio. We all know that in our business it's all about personality! People love feeling like they can connect to you and your work. With the web leading the way in communication, it is important to make your website/blog really stand out. Short videos are a perfect way to add that missing ingredient!!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there is another tiny perk to "FUsioN". MORE MONEY! I know you all want to hear about that!

Please, join us for an afternoon of fun filled FUsioN learning. We will show you everything from the gear we use, to our workflow, to quick, easy steps to guaranteed success.

What you need to bring: (but not necessary!!)

-Your laptop loaded with the latest version of Imovie '09
-Some pictures and video loaded on your desktop

NOTE: ***We spend a good portion of time in Imovie, we wish there was a PC equivalent, but there isn't. There's still much to learn for everyone, but we don't want anyone to be disappointed!

Where: Custom Concept Photography

115 Thames Street South, INGERSOLL, ON

Cost: $99.00USD/person

When: Monday May 3rd, 2010

Time: 10:00 to 3:00 with a one hour lunch break to meet new friends.
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