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Jason Groupp

Sophisticated but instantly accessible, Jason Groupp’s wedding photography celebrates the individuality of every couple he works with. Having honed his style on the streets of Manhattan, Jason instinctively creates a sense of place in every client’s photograph. Whether it’s a free-spirited portrait of a newly engaged couple astride a motorcycle or a rare quiet moment shared by a bride and groom against the splashy backdrop of a Las Vegas cityscape, Jason captures the relationship between a couple and their surroundings. You notice the setting, but you remember the couple.

Jason’s striking visual style and ability to personalize New York City - to convey a sense of intimacy and connection between a couple and a familiar landmark—have earned him clients from around the globe.

A photographer since the age of 15, Jason attended the Fashion Institute of Technology’s intensive photography program while receiving hands-on experience shooting weddings for Rockland County’s Bass Photography. After graduation Jason expanded his portfolio to include commercial and editorial work. Soon his expertise for clients like J. Crew, Conair/Cuisinart and Men’s Health began to inform his wedding photography, which led to a distinctly intimate editorial style that has earned Jason a coveted spot as one of The Knot’s 2007 “Best of Weddings” Pick.

About Jason Groupp

"The jason groupp" was founded by Jason Groupp with a vision to revolutionize wedding photography in New York City. Jason saw an opportunity to leverage his background in boutique wedding photography and "marry" it with his network of award-winning photographers. With an emphasis on outstanding customer service, this is a combination that is unmatched in the industry.

Since Jason only accepts a limited number of weddings each year, he's decided to build a team of photographers who have his same passion and love for photography - each with their own unique skillset.

Every Jason Groupp photographer is an artist with his or her own distinct approach to wedding photography. Whoever you choose, you can be confident that each of these photographers will deliver amazing photographs.

About Lindsey Thorne

Lindsey Thorne is a Virginia born, NYC based photographer focusing in fashion, wedding and portrait photography with over 10 years' experience.

"I don't like cheesy, I don't like traditional. I like to be challenged, to have couples who will trust me enough to sit on the ground, in the dirt, barefoot (although I have a shoe obsession so chances are the shoes will have their own spotlight!!). I am inspired by William Klein and fashion blogs and vintage clothes, and all I want to do is make you see how beautiful you really are. xoxo

About Angie Cope

Ohio native Angie Cope graduated from The Ohio University with a degree in Visual Communications and a specialization in Commercial Photography. In the fall of 2006, she packed up and moved to New York City.

Her love for the creative art began at a young age in her father's darkroom. " My father ran a portrait and wedding studio in a very small town. I can remember sitting in the darkroom with him and my grandma (his assistant) smelling the developer and watching the images appear magically on paper. It wasn't until I moved to the city that I realized my niche was wedding photography."

"I don't even consider what I do 'work'. To me it is a great privilege to be invited into a couple's most treasured day. I want to make images for them that capture the essence of their love, to create a picture of them that they can look at for the rest of their lives and remember how they felt on that day."

About Tom Weis

Tom Weis is a Brooklyn based photographer with 15 years' experience.
He comes from a diverse photographic background that includes photojournalism, sports, fashion, portrait, wedding, architectural, and product photography.

Tom is Associate Technical Director of Photography at the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University, and enjoys helping students to be better photographers.

Additionally, he has been teaching photography at various workshops including the Maine Photographic Workshops and the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan.

About Ross Tanner

Every photograph has a meaning, this meaning is what Ross' imagery strives to create. Ross knows the importance of wedding photography, and how capturing your friends, family and your moments create the best wedding story. He will be there capturing every moment on your wedding day, in a calm, relaxed and unobtrusive style.

Ross has an interesting diversity, of growing up in Ireland, England and now living in Moldova. This diversity all leads to a collectiveness in his work and a definate style which with his experienced cross cultural photographic and wedding backgrounds, brought him to be the newest member to "the Jason Groupp", available for New York and International.

THE 101


--Do you accept Credit Cards?

YES! EVERY NYC taxi cab now does, why wouldn't I? :) Who pays in cash anymore?

--How many images do you shoot at a wedding?

We shoot a ton. So it's a tough question to answer, but there's really no limit. Typically, we deliver about 100 pictures per hour, so ten hours of coverage would yield approximately 1,000 photos.

--Where can I view my pictures?

We upload ALL your pictures to secure website where your friends and family may view/purchase prints, and other goodies.

--How long before we can see our images?

Depending on the time of year, images are usually available to see about 4-6 weeks after the wedding. Sometimes sooner, but we'll never rush! We take great pride in how we do our processing. That "process" takes time though!


Jason's fees for 2010 start @ $7500

My associates fees start @ $1795 and up depending on which photographer you choose.

Please email us for full pricing!


Travel is included in the 50 contiguous states for my (Jason Groupp) fees & I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel for weddings!

Travel is not included with my associates fees, but can be included, and they LOVE to travel as well!

--How many photographers?

I always work with an associate from my studio and it is included in my fees.

Associate photographers are available within The Jason Groupp's fees.

--Do I have Insurance?

YES - and probably one of the most important questions you need to ask your vendors. ALL NYC (and most of the Tri-State) venues now require it, and won't let you work there unless you prove it! This is to protect not only us, and our equipment, but you and the venue as well.


The wedding book. Your wedding album is the final presentation of the story of your wedding day. After all the planning, the party, and the honeymoon your book will be the lasting art piece from the wedding passed down from generation to generation.

You're book is custom designed from start to finish by The Jason Groupp. Each design is unique as the couple we photograph, NEVER a cookie template. We use a clean modern style, with the emphasis, on showcasing your images. With that said, this is also a collaborative art piece having input from from both sides to create something that is a beautiful reflection of your wedding.

All of our books are hand bound in Italy, and are hand made for the finest quality. Who doesn't like something hand crafted from Italy?! :)


Chelsea Arts building
526 West 26th Street Suite #305
New York, New York


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